As Yale’s residential college buildings age, the Office of Facilities will perform renovations to selected colleges each year. Renovations occur during the summer, and typically require all or part of the selected college(s) to be taken offline; where buildings would be closed to University staff, students, and summer programs.

Impact of summer renovations: Offline vs. partial offline

Summer residential college renovations fall under one of three levels of work.

Offline Renovation

Every five years, a college will go fully offline for the duration of the summer to undergo a comprehensive renovation to its interior, exterior, and infrastructure as required.

Partial Offline Renovation

Dependent upon the extent of work needed, a college may partially close for the summer to complete intervention work. These colleges would be available for partial utilization for summer programs.

Online Minor Refurbishment

Based on need, colleges may undergo touch up work, including painting and minor repairs. Colleges undergoing this type of work remain open and summer programs are not impacted.