Welcome to the Residential Colleges Renovations Info Page

As Residential College buildings age, the Office of Facilities will perform renovations to selected colleges each year. Renovations occur during the summer, and typically require all or part of selected colleges to taken offline; closed to staff, students, and summer programs.

A schedule of Residential College offline renovations is below.

Schedule of Renovations: 2020 - 2025

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Click here for descriptions of Offline and Partial Offline renovations

Summer of:   2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
residential colleges Beds 3132 3199 3382 3308 3002 3006 3481
benjamin franklin 452         Offline    
pauli murray 452           Offline  
Grace Hopper 232       Offline      
Silliman 401       Offline Ph. 1 Offline Ph. 2    
Timothy Dwight 326         Offline    
Rosenfeld hall 32         Offline    
saybrook 282 Offline Ph. 1 Offline Ph. 2       Offline  
branford 262 Offline         Offline  
trumbull 211 Offline         Offline  
berkeley 229   Offline         Offline
morse 258   Offline         Offline
ezra stiles 245   Offline         Offline
pierson 309     Offline        
davenport 265     Offline        
arnold hall 45 Offline   Offline        
jonathan edwards 212     Offline        
old campus BEDS 1141 1229 1004 941 865 989 1229
lanman-wright 248     Offline        
durfee 136       Offline      
bingham 212         Offline    
mcclellan 88 Offline Offline       Offline  
lawrance 140 Offline Ph. 1 Offline Ph. 2         Offline
farnam 117     Offline        
welch 136       Offline      
vanderbilt 292         Offline Ph. 1 Offline Ph. 2  
beds/year   4273 4340 4386 4249 3867 3995 4710

Impact of Summer Renovations: Offline vs. Partial Offline

Summer residential college Renovations fall under one of three levels of work:

Offline Renovation:

Every five years a college will go fully offline for the duration of the summer to undergo comprehensive renovation to interior, exterior, and infrastructure as required.

Partial Offline Renovation:

Dependent upon extent of work needed, a college may partially close for the summer to complete intervention work. These colleges would be available for partial utilization by summer programs.

Online Minor Refurbishment:

Based on need and requests, colleges may undergo minor “touch up” work, including painting and minor repairs. Colleges undergoing this type of work remain open and summer programs are not impacted.

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