Typical Renovation Process

Construction work for renovation of a Yale Residential College takes place during the summer months, and most often requires that college to go fully or partially offline during that time. The planning process for a renovation begins one year prior to the start of construction, and involves staff from the Yale Office of Facilities, Residential College Operations Managers, and Heads of College.

Typical Renovation Process Timeline

June/July (1 year prior to start of construction):
  • Yale Office of Facilities Planning begins formulating primary list of projects and scope of work.
  • Physical Plant identifies ongoing issues in College in order to properly to correct them.
  • Facilities Superintendent and College Operations Manager prepare list of work to be completed.
  • Facilities Planning compiles all information and meets with Head of College, College Operations Manager, Facilities Superintendent, Physical Plant to review list of work, and prioritize scope items.
  • Identify which, if any, College(s) can remain partially open during renovation to support summer programs. This determination is reviewed and approved by the College, Associate Vice President for Facilities, and Deputy Provost for Academic Resources.
November - February:
  • Drawings are completed for identified scope of work.
  • Big packages defined.
  • Facilities Planning provides College with update on scope of work.
  • A Facilities Project Manager is assigned, and introduced to the College.
Winter Recess:
  • Field measurements and any necessary additional site visits occur. If access to a student room is required, Yale Police assists and students are notified prior to access.
Spring Recess:
  • Facilities Project Manager bids the project and hires contractor.
  • Contractor conducts a walkthrough of the College during recess, accompanied by Yale Police.
Summer Construction:
  • Construction begins the week following the final reunion weekend of the summer (approximately 2nd week in June).
  • During the first week of August the Facilities Project Manager conducts a walkthrough of renovation area to review status of completed work, and reviews with College.
  • Construction completes by the Wednesday prior to student move in.